Simply Put: I help you keep and protect what's yours.

John Hyre



  • Self-Directed

    IRAs, HSAs (powerful Health Savings Accounts), CESAs (Education IRAs), and 401(k)s

  • “Checkbook” LLC

    IRA Owned LLC: We help you decide whether you really need one and review why they should NOT be self-managed

  • Screening Deals

    for fatal prohibited transactions

  • Discussing UBIT

    (IRA Tax)

  • Planning the types of deals

    that can make a very small IRA into a large IRA without violating the tax laws

  • With whom your IRA may partner

    (or otherwise do business) and how


  • Planning & maximizing tax deductions

  • Choice of Entity

  • Conversion of ordinary income into capital gains

    (when possible)

  • Discounted Notes

  • Superior Depreciation Of Rentals

    IRAs, HSAs (powerful Health Savings Accounts), CESAs (Education IRAs), and 401(k)s

  • "Dealer" Issues

    including legally reducing social security taxes on flipping income

  • Creative or Unusual Transactions

    such as: Subject-To,  Lease Options (including sandwich & cooperative), Assignments, Tax Liens, Partial Notes, Participating Notes, Lonnie Deals aka selling mobile homes (“wobbly boxes”) on owner financing


  • Audit Defense

    One of my favorite task

  • Tax Court

    (often well worth the cost after a bad audit)

  • IRS Appeals

    If the audit did not go well

  • Fighting IRS Collections

  • Negotiating Payment Plans

    (and sometimes getting the taxes lowered via an Offer in Compromise – but only sometimes)

John Hyre

301 Calle del Recinto S, Ste. 703-04 Cond. Gallardo, San Juan PR 00901

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